Special Events Trailer Rental

There are only a limited amount of rentals so make sure you book early!


We please ask that you only use the trailer for ice due to cross contamination. 


Ice is an important part of special events and keeps your patrons happy and coming back year after year. You also have to make a profit to keep your event going.


The trailer is $150 a day for rental and $65 an hour for pick up and delivery. You can also pick it up yourself from our warehouse. The ice is loaded on the trailer and ready for you when you get there.


Ice is $2.50 a bag for 2.7 kg and the trailer holds 500 bags. We do not take back or refund Ice. If your special event is not requiring more than the minimum of 500 2.7 kg, it is not worth your time and effort to sell ice. You can suggest to your patrons to pick up ice at a nearby ice retailer.


If you need more than 500 bags of ice you can make arrangements to come to our warehouse and refill the trailer or you can rent a refrigerated truck that holds more. We can help you secure a truck if one is available - only rented with a minimum of 1500 2.7 kg bags. 



Break down:


Trailer for a weekend Friday noon till Monday noon.


Trailer 3days x 150.  = 450

Ice 500 x 2.50.        = 1250

Total                        = 1700




Suggested retail at special events is $4.99 for 2.7 kg


500 x 4.99 = 2495


Profit for your special event is 795 dollars for every trailer sold. That is 47% profit for your organization. 


Don’t be stuck next summer, book your trailer now as we have a limited number of trailers.


We only rent our trailers with minimum purchase of 500 2.7 kg ice

Payment in full must be made at time of pick up and a non refundable deposit of $250 at time of booking.

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