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Ice is a food product and if not produced and handled to strict sanitation standards, it can become contaminated with harmful pathogens that could make one sick. Yes, even though it is frozen water, the freezing does not kill pathogens. Contaminated ice has caused large food and safety problems, endangering the welfare of consumers. 


2006: ABC news reports fast food ice is dirtier than toilet water.

2007: NBC news reports 80 golfers sick and 1 dead from nanovirus contaminated ice at golf course in Pheonix, Arizona. 

2012: ABC news reports 80% of restaurants tested in Utah contained bacteria and fungus in their ice. 

2013: CBC news reports fecal coliform bacteria found in ice machines of Canadas 6 biggest hotel chains,      including 1 case of E.coli.


2017: BBC news reports that ice from 3 of the UK's biggest coffee chains contain fecal bacteria.


2017: BBC news reports fecal bacteria found in ice at 3 of the worlds biggest fast food chains in UK.  




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