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Ice Deliveries

  • We want to make sure that you never run out of product. You can help by maintaining appropriate inventory levels. Keeping your merchandiser full increases your sales and makes sure you are never out of ice. This being said we cannot predict the weather or when there may be a special event in your area. If you do run out, please contact us. In the summer we deliver the same day or next day for our fill up costumers.

  • Deliveries are made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or will calls, depending on the quantity of ice required. We use your previous years sales history with your merchandisers capacity to estimate your weekly delivery needs during peak season. If units sold are more than your merchandiser capacity per week (during the summer) we will suggest that we install a larger capacity merchandiser. This will lower both of our carbon footprints which is important to all of us as part of our corporate responsibility.

  • We recommend that you always have a minimum inventory level of 7 days of expected sales to prevent running out of inventory.

  • For will call customers we deliver on your next assigned delivery day in your area with a complete fill up.

  • Our delivery schedule is intended to give you the best customer service experience while not running out of product.

  • You will never run out of Ice when we work as a team.​

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